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Web hosting

A multitude of hosting companies offer their services. They come in all sizes, they are local or remote, but do they offer you the essential ... human contact? 

We are proud to say that with us it is the stakeholders who will assist you with your questions or help with your tools.


Domain Names

We offer a service for the creation and management of your domain names for all extensions (CA, COM, ORG, WS, etc...). We create and configure the desired name and do the follow up for you. It is also possible to create names yourself using the tool on this site.  


This is a service that provides access to your devices or files using a unique domain name rather than an IP address that is subject to change continually. So if you need to access your SIN via the Internet, a server, or other device on the network identified by the IP address, you might be interested. In fact, at a low cost, it can replace the use of a costly fixed IP address from your Internet provider