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Web hosting

A multitude of hosting companies offer their services. They come in all sizes, they are local or remote, but do they offer you the essential ... human contact? 

We are proud to say that with us it is the stakeholders who will assist you with your questions or help with your tools.


Our goal is to always offer our customers that little extra that makes the difference. You have probably already had problems with emails whose content (e.g. photos) was so high that your dispatch never reached the target. It is because the vast majority of companies that offer this service limit the size of emails to a maximum beyond which they eliminate without further notice. With us, you will have no problem, because there is no limit! Our flexibility and your direct access to our mail server give you even more possibilities. 

  • Anti-spam verification (Virus and Spyware) is included as well as a regular report with on request easing
  • Ability to self-manage the accounts in your domain
  • No volume limit
  • Message system for absences and redirect management
  • Possibility of managing mailing lists

We give you full control with the bonus of ... direct contact with an intervening technician!