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When there is no passion, know-how is simply the application of known formulas.

We believe that you deserve solutions that are not only reliable, but innovative.


It is not enough to sell computer equipment to declare oneself a specialist. It is also necessary to install optimally the solutions proposed in relation to the needs and the environment where they are located. Optimal also means solutions must meet the needs and vision of the company, but not exceed them. Unfortunately, it is clear that these issues have often caused disappointments that could have been avoided!

Référence Systèmes has experienced technicians who have the knowledge and know-how needed to make a project a veritable success. As specialists in each system for maximum efficiency at minimum cost, our professionals ensure that the efficiency of our facilities will be optimal, both in terms of price and technology. Several large companies certify our expertise including Hewlett Packard, Lenovo or WatchGuard to name but a few!

So that your investments are fair and used in the best way ... Contact us!