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When there is no passion, know-how is simply the application of known formulas.

We believe that you deserve solutions that are not only reliable, but innovative.


The robustness of a WiFi network is a must for all environments, but it is often overlooked. For an efficient wireless environment, we must consider many factors such as the type of construction, number of floors and interference points, most certainly. But we have to also take into account the future needs of users whose growth is explosive. One has only to think of emerging technologies such as security cameras, smart locks, thermostats, audio equipment etc. to be convinced of the need to take these into account rather than starting over a few months later.

So that your customers and employees have access to a flawless service that will withstand the new technologies, we provide a complete and pictorial study of your environment that exposes all the difficult areas of your site, as well as guiding advice from our representatives.

  • Detailed analysis report and ongoing evolution 
  • Sales and installation of components
  • Full implementation services

We are proud of the quality of our implementation abilities which are considered difficult to set-up!