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About Reference Systems

Reference Systeme is a human-sized organization within which you can know by heart the names of the majority of the collaborators. We value customer service by and throughout our employees. In our approach, we aim for a harmonious work environment where everyone can flourish and fulfill themselves. Whether it is in terms of business management, various processes, working conditions, we attach great importance to balance, consistency and solidarity in all our actions. Human resources are the most important element of our organization. Teamwork where everyone collaborates with their colleagues ensures the best quality of service to our customers while promoting a stimulating and pleasant work environment.

Our mission

Reference Systems offers organizations a personalized service integrating the development of custom applications and technological solutions.

Our vision

Reference Systems is recognized as a leader in information technologies contributing to a coherent integration of technologies and business needs.

Our values

INTEGRITY: we generate trust in our clients by offering them the necessary services, the most useful to meet their needs while being respectful of their reality. . In order to protect their information and respect its integrity, we manage the information collected from our customers as their property and not as belonging to Reference Systemes.

TEAMWORK: we are on the lookout for new trends, we take steps to perfect our knowledge and maintain our leadership position. We show kindness and tolerance towards our colleagues. We see in difference, a complement that makes us stronger.

INNOVATION : we are on the lookout for new trends, we take steps to perfect our knowledge and maintain our leadership position. We are bold but yet vigilant in experimenting with new approaches and changes.

Privacy Policy (Law 25).

Reference Systems is responsible for maintaining and protecting all personal information placed in its keeping. They appointed an accountable manager to ensure the organization’s compliance with this Privacy Policy (Law 25). Reference Systems may delegate other employees to act on the behalf of the privacy manager or to assume day-to-day responsibility for the collection or processing of such data. Reference Systems is transparent about its privacy policies.

If you have any questions about the processing and disclosure of your personal information, please direct your concerns to the privacy manager:

Vincent Tremblay

Vice President of Operations and Customer Service

400 – 275, rue Du Parvis, Quebec (Quebec) G1K 6G7

Administrative offices:

400-275 rue du Parvis, Quebec (Qc) G1K 6G7

Service request and information:

Quebec : 418-650-0997
Montreal : 514-904-0996
Toll Free: 877-535-0997

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